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"Pescado Tikin-Xic" - a Delicacy of the pre-Hispanic cuisine

Mexican Food has been declared intangible cultural heritage of humanity by the UNESCO in 2010. Declaration is provided in this case is the authenticity and the ability of the cuisine to evolve, change, within its own base.

Therefore, we want to offer you a taste of some real pre-Hispanic Mexican cuisine which is very popular in the Yucatan Peninsula. This dish has a very particular name which derives from the way it is prepared. It is called "Pescado Tikin-Xic", which is a very special fish stew.

You can enjoy it in almost all the Yucatan Peninsula but specially in the states of Yucatan and Quintana Roo in the area of Isla Mujeres. Whether you have a tour by the island either with a guide, or by yourself in one of the rented golf carts, delight yourself with this fish dish in one of the several restaurants you can find on the Island.

This dish mostly served with rice, tortillas and cabbage salad. Chances are if you take a tour in Isla Mujeres you will find yourself eating this delicacy prepared with the ancient recipes of the older Mayas.

Worth to mention it is delicious!  

This Yucatan fish stew is defined by the presence of the paste of "achiote" or annatto, a classic condiment of the Yucatan cuisine that is made basically from sour orange juice and seeds of the annatto, seasoned with cumin, clove and black pepper.

Throughout the Peninsula you can find diverse pre-Hispanic spices differentiated  by its color from green to black passing thru shades of Orange. For example, in the Mérida market has a section exclusively dedicated to these spices. People selling this spices are happy to explain the Mayan techniques used in the local cuisine to prepare this spices!

In the US you can find the achiote prepared in a jar in several sections of Hispanic food in some supermarkets.


1 fish white and firm whole meat... something like 1 ½ kg, without head or scales and cost centre into two fillets
100 grams of achiote paste
1/3 cup orange juice (orange juice and white vinegar mix)
1 small green pepper, cut into wedges
1 güero chile, seedless and cut into wedges
½ tomato cut into slices
1 small red onion into rings cost
1 teaspoon dry oregano
½ Cup of beer
1 ½ tablespoons olive oil
1 softened banana leaf


First you have to wash the fish thoroughly with water and dry well with paper towels. Evenly sprinkle the salt and pepper. Mix the paste of achiote with orange juice and pour it evenly over the fish.

Let it marinate for about 3 hours, then place the fish on the banana leaf; then evenly distribute the peppers, tomato and onion on top add the oregano, the olive oil and beer.

Wrap the banana leaf may completely around the fish and place it in a container for baking. Cook in the oven at 350° c for about 40 minutes or until a fork easily penetrates through the foil wrapper.  You can also grill it without the banana leaf.

Serve and enjoy!

Try this and other delicacies at most restaurants at Isla Mujeres. Pardise Transfers can provide the Isla Mujeres Ferry Dock Transfer at your need. Have a great day and enjoy your meal!
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